Members of the Alumni band only are in lavender, members of the Citizens Band are in blue. (Members of Citizens Band are also assumed to be in Alumni Band as well.)

Band Roster

Name Instrument Location
Pam (Muhitch) Dunmire Flute  
Victoria Beck Valve Trombone(11)  
Amy Hughes Flute Punxsutawney Pa
Haddix (Fockler) Paula [g.1977] Flute Montgomery AL
Sandra (Elbel) Scott [g.1971] Flute(1st)-Piccolo, Bassoon Punxsutawney PA
Christy (Wyant) Smolak [g.1994] Flute  
Megan (Snyder) Stahlman [g.1993] Flute Summerville PA
Laura (Heckman) Barrett Flute  
Keri (Cessna) Isenberg [g.1994] Flute  
Brenda (Ananea) Cooper [g.1983] Oboe Punxsutawney PA
Mary Margaret (Keller) Barnoff [g.1988] Clarinet-Bassoon Punxsutawney Pa
Kristy (Boston) Anthony [g.1994] Clarinet  
Melissa (London) Shepler [g.1991] Clarinet Punxsutawney PA
Coleen (McCullough) Tyler [g.1968] Clarinet(1,2) Highland Park NJ
Kim Colonna [g.1990] Clarinet  
Scott Davis [g.1994] Clarinet(1)-Saxophone, Oboe, Flute Homestead FL
Fr. John Steffaro Clarinet(1)-Tenor Sax  
Cheri (Graham) Shaffer [g.1987] Clarinet  
Valerie (Rougeux) McFarland [g.1983] Clarinet  
Wendy (White) Bish Clarinet Punxsutawney Pa
Sharon (Startzell) Walton [g.1985] Bass Clarinet French Creek  WV
Kelly (Wachob) Lemmon [g.1989] Saxophone Punxsutawney Pa
Lesa (Dunmire) Ramriez [g.1974] Alto Sax-Tenor, Bari Sax Las Vegas NV
Toie (Mizerock) Neal [g.1961] Alto Sax Punxsutawney PA
Scott Cressley [g.1979] Saxophone-Clarinet Oskaloosa IA
Chris Barrett [g.1979] Tenor Sax Pittsburgh PA
Alyssa (Baughman) Wright [g.2000] Baritone Sax-Alto, Tenor Sax, Clarinet Manahawkin NJ
Cameron Kurtz [g.2020] Trumpet-Clarinet, Flute Reynoldsville PA
Laurie (Glover) Spence [g.1971] Trumpet Punxsutawney PA
Shannon Shaffer Trumpet Brookville PA
Lorena (Snyder) Miller [g.1986] Trumpet  
Alan Freed [g.1986] Trumpet Ambridge PA
Brandi (Vanyo) Snell [g.2004] Trumpet-Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone Worthville Pa
James A. Colonna Trumpet  
Pamela (Breth) Carpin [g.1981] Trumpet Reynoldsville PA
Rodney Sourwine Trumpet(1) Creekside PA
Lloyd (Dub) Davis [g.1967] Trumpet East Petersburg PA
Annette (Zimmerman) Roy [g.1979] Trumpet Punxsutawney PA
Hayley Horner [g.2019] Trumpet Punxsutawney PA
Royce Hetrick [g.1977] Trumpet(1st)  
Mary Kay Smith Trumpet Saint Johns Fl
Andy Shaffer [g.1984] Trumpet Fombell PA
Randy Doverspike [g.1967] Trumpet Punxsutawney Pa
Phil Wonderling [g.1988] Trumpet  
Mason Stiver [g.2011] Trumpet Punxsutawney PA
Coleen Colonna [g.1992] French Horn  
Elizabeth Heckman French Horn  
Jim Beck Mellophone-Trumpet, Euphonium, Valve Trombone DuBois PA
Joe Lesnick [g.1974] Trombone Punxsutawney Pa
Ed Wentz Trombone  
Wanda (Vilkinofsky) Pearce Thomas [g.1982] Trombone  
Corry Colonna [g.1995] Trombone  
Todd Clontz [g.1987] Trombone Halethorpe MD
Adam Beveridge [g.2003] Trombone Punxsutawney PA
Ron Vanderpool [g.1966] Trombone Salem VA
Bill Rankin [g.1979] Baritone Nashville TN
LuAnn (Shick) Dunning [g.1981] Baritone(TC) Pottstown PA
Michele (Watson) Bair [g.1988] Baritone(TC)-Trumpet Reston VA
Tom Smith [g.1967] Baritone Saint Johns FL
Jay Mills Euphonium-Clarinet Indiana PA
Laura (McNeil) Page Baritone Horn(TC) Punxsutawney PA
Sherman Good Tuba Indiana Pa
Robert Glover [g.1967] Tuba Newport News VA
Dave Beatty [g.1981] Tuba Punxsutawney PA
Kenton Scott Bass Trombone(3rd)-Baritone, Mellophone, Tuba Punxsutawney PA
Paula (Kellert) Charles [g.1979] Percussion Valier PA
Laurie Sprankle [g.1984] Percussion Punxsutawney PA
Dave Dunmire [g.1969] Percussion  
Mark Heckman [g.1987] Percussion  
Jerry Popovice [g.1960] Percussion Mill Creek WA
ML Carlton [g.1955] Percussion  

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